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Therapy for Individuals and Couples
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What people are often looking for when they think about entering into therapy is change, whether that is to feel better or for something to be different in their lives. This might include wanting to feel better about themselves, improve or change a relationship (whether it is with people or things such as a substance, a behavior or food), resolve a current problem, heal from the impacts of trauma, be less stressed, or grieve a loss.

I believe the best and most direct way to describe psychotherapy is that it is a practice in building a healthy relationship with yourself and extending that to your relationships with others. In my work, I look at the subjective significance of a presenting problem through a developmental and relational lens.  It is through relationships that our identities are formed, shaped, and maintained and it is with these layers in mind that I approach my work as a psychotherapist.

My goal is to help you better understand and resolve challenges in your life. To talk about the past is often to talk about the here and now, because remnants of events and relationships of the past, have an impact on the present version of you. Psychotherapy is helpful in exploring and understanding the people and experiences that have shaped who you are, and bringing underlying emotions into awareness. When this understanding is brought to light there is less of a feeling that something else is running your life and you are better able to see the places where you can, in fact, make changes. Often these changes are to things that you once felt were impossible to shift or they simply did not occur to you. This process makes it possible to achieve a sense of inner peace and emotional freedom, as well as more fulfilling relationships with oneself and others.

I am an empathic, warm and non-judgmental therapist who supports my clients in building insight into their emotions, patterns of thought and behavior. If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.